Cocoa and Spice

A lil coconut oil in the palm o’ we hand

Lovingly pass on we children heads and faces

Rubbin, smoothing’ in the love

Sweet aroma mixed with we prayers

to seal in their hearts,the true Caribbean roots.


A lil’ bush tea, lemon grass, corn pap

and some cocoa tea

purifying the soul and strengthening

the frame.

Good natured, healthy people, enjoying the wealth of the land.


Don’t be too big to recall your cradle,

your culture, your home.

Be at ease with yourself S’maatin woman and man.


Don’t ever neglect the fountain of knowledge and truth

That’s the home of our elders.

Come, let’s go hear nancy stories, remedies and advice,

yeah , let’s kiss and see the reflection of our race

in the eyes of one another.

Everybody lovin’ and cherishin’ each other

in this sweet S’maatin land.


Ruby Bute